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Cartoons and animated characters have always been a crucial part of our fantasies, from as early as 19th century when cartoons used to be of just 2-5 minutes. When Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were used to be the heroes of children.

Many parents have a common mindset that watching cartoons and animated characters on TV are of no worth and rather than sitting next to the TV sets they should be playing out in the open air. But let me tell you the facts throughout this article, that will change your perspective, and you will get to know about why they are must for us.

Why Cartoons and Animations are important for children

A research published on the official website of UNICEF, says thinking and imaginations are the factors that affect the functionality of the brain, till the age of 12. And this is what cartoons and animations offers to our brain.

In an another research performed by Sharmin in “Michigan University”, says that children get attracted to the cartoon and animations much more than the traditional ways of academic learning.

Reason behind this is, cartoon offers the educational material in a creative way, full of colours, full of audio-visuals and the most importantly in the way of fun. Children enjoy to learn through this medium as compared to that of traditional class room way of learning.

And it’s not only your child who can recall things for long after watching it in an animated documentary or cartoon. But it also happens with the adults. That’s why you can remember things for long when you see it in a documentary in Discovery Channel or Nat Geo.

So, if you are the one who used to think that cartoons are just for entertainment, it is the time to change your perception!

Moreover, it is also important to keep an eye upon, which cartoon your child should watch. It is always advisable to let your child see that cartoon which showcase the most creative ways of learning and not the ones which shows action scenes, because this might create a tendency of violence in your child.

Why Cartoons are important for Adults

There is a common misconception that cartoons are only meant for the children. There are plenty of cartoon shows that are designed for the families.

And whether they are meant for you or not, still you should watch and enjoy them with the children at your home, especially if you are a parent. Because this will help create a bonding between you and the child.

Not only this, if you are watching TV with the children at your home, you will have a proper control over the content that the child is watching. And through this you can even manage and limit the hours for watching TV.

A Canadian Study in National Teletoon Retro and Strategic Counsel, says that cartoons can support positive well-being and bonding among the child and the adult.

And according to a Canadian survey, 76% of mothers and 64% of fathers accepted the fact that cartoons help stretch their kids’ imaginations because outrageous things can happen in cartoons that are not based in real life.

What lesson we can learn from Cartoons

From the all time favourite cartoon series, these are the lessons that they have taught us

  •  Uncle Scrooge a famous character from Duck Tales taught us – “More Money.. Brings More Problems..”
  • Jungle Book: The adventures of Mowgli taught us the “importance of family and integrity”.
  • Scooby Doo showed us that the “Real Monsters are Humans”
  • Popeye used to tell us the nutritional values of Spinach and how healthy it is, that I myself started eating spinach in my childhood. 😀

Apart from these cartoons, every other super-hero taught us the values of truth and humanity in our society. And how easily professor Xavier in X-Men Evolution taught us the “power of team work” and the Justice League showed us the power of Unity.

These cartoons and animations are meant for filling up our lives with joy and happiness. And they also teach us the lessons of life. So explore the lost child inside yourself and start enjoying cartoon shows and animated movies like a small child. Because this is where you left your life years ago in your childhood.

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