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You can give hundreds of advice to a smoker to quit smoking and they will give you a new excuse every time to smoke. I suggest you to show your loved ones this video and make them realise how badly they are affecting their lungs “the most crucial part of their body”. Ask them to see “what exactly happens to your lungs after smoking just 20 cigarettes“.

Research Says 9 out of 10 lungs cancers are caused by Smoking cigarettes alone. You can analyze yourself how badly it affects your lungs and your life.

It’s our responsibility to make people understand the need of life and the way smokers are giving up their lives after every single cigarette they smoke.

Make your friends, colleagues and family members see this video who smoke, and help them realise what those cigarettes are doing to their lungs

The following video clearly shows your lungs after 20 cigarettes..

“Guys it is the time.. to kick that butt out of your life”

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