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As the winter comes, there are certain things that you start doing which you shouldn’t be doing at all. And these common winter health mistakes that you make becomes the reason behind your illness.

1.Staying Indoors

This is probably the most common mistake that we make, with the arrival of winter, that we decide to stay back inside our home. Because for this whole time you become unsocial, you get out of the sight of the sunlight, which may start affecting your body. Its better you keep your warm blanket apart, and try to make your life as normal as it used to be for the rest of the year.

2.Avoiding Exercise

Exercise is the first thing that we stop going for with the arrival of winters, just because we don’t feel like going out of our rooms in the frigid weather.

And this mistake of yours starts affecting your body’s shape.

There is one thing you should keep in mind during winters is – exercise releases excitement and happiness hormones in our body and helps make us happy and active. And if you are not doing it, then you are definitely making your winters boring and unhealthy.

common winter health problems
Common Winter health Mistakes you Make


No doubt winter’s mornings seems to be like more cozier then ever. The quilt or the blanket around you feels to be like wrapping you for ever. And this is where you make another health mistake in your life.

Excess of anything is bad, and the same rule applies to our sleep too. And oversleeping is nothing but the waste of your exclusive time and an invitation to several diseases.

So next morning, before you click on the snooze button of your alarm, just remind yourself what you were doing wrong to yourself.

4.Long Hot Showers

There’s no doubt hot water relieves our body and like nothing else, but the fact you should be aware of is – it damages our skin and hair. It takes away all of the moisture from your body, leaving it to suffer from the dry skin and damaged hair throughout the day.

Kindly switch to lukewarm water, that will be the mid way solution for this problem.

5.Drinking too much

With the commencement of cold weather your frequency of drinking also increases, just to beat the cold out of your body. Slow down, because a recent study from University of Maryland suggests that drinking too much of alcohol weakens your system. So instead of getting strong against the cold your body is actually becoming weaker to withstand the frigid weather. So stay calm and drink alcohol in moderate amounts only.

You can also mention some points in the comment box below, that you feel I have missed, so that I can add them up here if I found them helpful. 🙂

Reference: TOI

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