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Papaya (or pawpaw or papita) is a sweet yellowish fruit which grows well in tropical as well as subtropical climates, particularly in United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 11. The plants can survive in colder climates, in summer and early autumn, but dies in temperatures below freezing.

Papaya fruit contains several tiny black seeds inside it. Sarcotesta, a gelatinous sac protects the seeds.

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Now let’s see How to Store Papaya Seeds for germination in next season

Step 1:
Slice the papaya in half to access the seeds in the center; cut in half lengthwise.

Step 2:
Scoop out the papaya seeds with a spoon, and place them in a colander or wire mesh strainer.
Press the seeds against the sides of the colander or strainer to break the sarcotesta. The sides of the sacs will split, and the seeds will burst out of the slit.

Step 3:
Rinse the seeds thoroughly with warm water to remove all of the juicy pulp.

Step 4:
Spread the seeds out on a tray lined with paper towels and allow them to dry completely, turning the seeds at least once to dry them on all sides. You can store it in a sealed container in a refrigerator for up to 3 years or until you want to plant it.

Although you can store seeds for up to three years, their viability decreases with age. Drying is not required if you are planning to germinate the seeds immediately.

Things You Will Need:
Colander or wire mesh strainer
Paper towels
Air-tight container

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