(Last Updated On: 6th December 2016)

Papaya leaves’ extract is known to be good for increasing platelets count and treating dengue patients. Papaya leaves are rich in chymopapin and papain enzymes.

These enzymes help normalise the platelet count, improves the blood clotting, improves the functioning of liver and helps in repairing the liver damage done by dengue, therefore helping an ailing person recover from the disease.

How to prepare Papaya Leaf Juice and increase platelets count

The following video explains how to prepare papaya leaf juice and treat a person suffering from dengue.

(video credit: wildturmeric)

Also refer to this study regarding the use of papaya leaves for increasing platelet counts and treating dengue patient.

If you have prepared a papaya leaves’ juice before and want to share the video and your experience, please let us know in the comment box below so that we can share with our readers and can spread more information regarding this.

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