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No matter how social you are, how friendly you behave the only thing that might be repelling your friends away from you is your body odour and when you realise it you start looking for ways to get rid of it to prevent embarrassment.

It’s always good to realise before its late, so even if you don’t have this body odour problem still you can read it to reduce the chances of happening.

how to get rid of body odour

Ways to get rid of body odour

  1. Change your diet: Often, foods such as garlic and onions which have strong smell , can get carried into perspiration, causing odour. Vegetables containing ‘sulfur’ compounds can also cause the same problem. Try to cut down the use of these ‘hard smelling’ foods in your diet, after consulting your nutritionist.
  2. Keep your underarms clean: Your underarm area can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The best way to get rid of odour is to regularly shave or remove hair to prevent body odour from developing there.
  3. Take regular bath: it may sound obvious, but this is actually a best way to take shower to get rid of bad skin smell. Sweat and surface bacteria are removed while showering twice a day. Use of antibacterial soap or medicated scrub can also be helpful.
  4. Hydrate your body well:Water is like one solution to every problem. Drinking water in proper amount daily drains away the toxins from your body. Increase the water intake from the prescribed 8-10 glasses per day, especially in the summer.
  5. Try a rosemary bath: This herb, is mostly used in culinary ways, is another effective remedy. It has odour-fighting properties and has shown to be able to destroy bacteria. Steep half a cup of dried rosemary leaves in 4-5 cups of water and add this to your bath.
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