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Do you wakeup multiple times while trying taking a nap at night??? Or you face problem getting a good night’s sleep??

Before I further write anything let me tell you this is the article for which I researched really  very hard, since I suffered alot through this sleeplessness for many years and this was the very first article I decided to write (& now I am editing & updating it) and start a digital health blog to share my research of articles in a single, easily understandable way.

No doubt, a person who has spent sleepless nights need not to be convinced about the problem of lying awake on bed and unable to get sleep for hours.

So the question is … How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep Naturally ??? (since taking sleeping pills or any medication is not really a solution..)
how to sleep better

A number of researches have revealed the decrease in scores on quality-of-life scales in persons with insomnia. On the Short Form (SF-36) Health Survey, persons with insomnia scored lower than good sleepers on measures such as emotional role, mental health, and vitality. And this leads to lower productivity of work and person stays out-of-focus throughout the day.

And these sleepless nights would start costing you at work place too, along with your family and could also lead to several other diseases.

Improper night sleep also weakens your immune system, and makes your body prone to several diseases.

After reading and consulting several survivors of this problem and even after consulting Doctors I come up to following 5 points which are natural and are effective too.

How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep Naturally

1. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol and other chemicals that obstruct sleep.

You might be aware of the fact that drinking coffee keeps you awake, but a scientific study (Caffeine Effects on Sleep Taken 0, 3, or 6 Hours before Going to Bed) suggests that caffeine poses significant disruptive effects on sleep. Thus you should stay away from caffeine atleast 6 hours before going to bed.

Another study indicate that alcohol interacts with sleep deprivation and sleep restriction to exacerbate daytime sleepiness and alcohol-induced performance impairment, and heavy drinkers attain high tolerance level towards sedative effects of alcohol.

2. Neither eat too much nor stay hungry.

Taking a heavy meal or dropping a meal causes discomfort in body that causes sleeplessness. It is always advisable to have a balanced nutritious meal in dinner, so that it could not cause any discomfort all night. Also not to drink too much water before going to bed, otherwise it will cause unwanted trips to toilet at the late night, thus disrupting the sleep.

3. Comfort your body, keep electronic items like cellphones and laptops away.

It is always good to relax your body before going to sleep, so if you have a habit of sticking to your laptop’s screen till late night, then stop this behaviour right now.
Also, keeping your cellphones beside your bed could cause a great disruption to your sleep, as me myself has noticed this thing, keeping my cellphone away from my bed helps me taking a better-sound sleep as compared to when I put the phone with me.

Always take some time between ending your work and lying on bed to relax your body to help your body sleep better. Try it and see the better results.

4. Try to stick to sleep schedule.

Our body has a natural tendency of sticking to a particular cycle of events. If you sleep every day on a particular time, then try to get on bed around that particular time only. It will create a sleeping event in your life that will result in an automatic drowsiness every night and will help you sleep better.

5. Include physical activity in your daily schedule.

Physical activities, no matter how short they are, helps your body to get better sleep and in fact deeper sleep. After a physical activity our body automatically starts craving for a rest that helps you fall asleep easily.

Try these important tips and enjoy the sound sleep at night naturally. Do not forget to share this article with your friends, family and colleagues to help them get better night sleep. You can also ask your questions and views in the comment box below. 🙂

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