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Just because Running is a natural part of childhood doesn’t mean that we all are doing it right. There are several factors that should be kept in mind before attempting to implement a daily running schedule. In order to stay safe, healthy and free of injuries, you must know the strategy to how to get better at running??

how to get better at running

And for preventing you from injuries, these tips will help you make a fitness strategy to get better at running.

When Running Shouldn’t Be Considered

Before getting into the habit of running, consider whether it’s going to be beneficial. People who are overweight are going to do more damage than good, because the amount of pressure is going to punish the body and lead to injuries and pain.

over weight people running

If losing weight is the ultimate goal.. then opt for other exercises such as swimming or cycling.

Dynamic Warm Up

The rule of thumb is that if a person doesn’t have warm up before runningthe time to properly warm up then there is no time for running.

It is crucial to the muscles relaxed, because the body is going to be put through its paces.

Static stretching for five minutes isn’t going to help. However, some dynamic warm ups are perfect.

But, warming up your body can give you a fair idea about how much effort you can give…

…and can also give you an idea to make strategy for getting better at running exercise.

Running Technique

This is the most important part of the running process and very few people actually pay attention to the WAY that they run.

proper technique for running

The misconception is that expensive running shoes automatically promote the right technique due to the support. The truth is that they might actually cause an injury along the line.

Most people land on the heel of their foot while having their leg extended….

When you’re wearing the right shoes this technique feels comfortable, but in actual fact this technique causes shock waves through the body.

It starts at the ankle, then goes through the knee and ultimately hits the lower back.

The correct way is to run as if there are no shoes present. In other words, try to land on the ball of the foot while the knee is bent.

This technique of running actually absorbs the shock instead of sending it to the spinal cord. It will take some time getting used to, but taking shorter strides will help.

It’s recommended to run barefoot if possible.

The next thing to focus on is posture. A runner’s back should always be straight and the arms need to be pumping. The overall motion of running should resemble a slight bounce, not a hard heel strike.

Using this technique will show immediate effect on the calves and prevent severe joint injuries.

Keep a Steady Pace

It happens so often that novice runners get excited, especially after learning the process of running that they don’t pace themselves.

Keep in mind that running is a gradual process and the body needs time to adapt to this new regime.

start steady pace

So you should start steadily.. and work towards longer distances based on the level of comfort.

It’s very important that running is done in a healthy way; otherwise it can cause unnecessary damage to our ligaments.

No doubt, running makes our heart stronger, but the crucial muscles may get ruptured if done in improper way.

Even though the proper technique will initially feel uncomfortable, it will become natural after a while.

Following these tips for getting better at running will definitely help you to plan your exercise better, thus keeping you safe from unwanted injuries and shocks to your skeleton. So keep on running, burning your fat down and make yourself look awesome. 🙂

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