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About 40 million adults in the United States aged 18+, or 18% of the population are suffering from Anxiety Disorders. It is upto us how we take care of ourself and most importantly on your own.

Since people living alone in their life are generally found to be more prone to depression, and that’s why it is important to know how to deal with it and beat it even when you are alone. And what efforts you can make on your own to beat it.

Depression is a constant, long-term feeling of sadness, hopelessness, loneliness and feeling of dejection.

There is a slight difference between sadness and depression, sadness is just an emotional event of life that happens and then changes, on the other hand depression is a persistent feeling of sadness due to continuous encounters with failure and sad life events.

Depressing thoughts have a bad tendency of keep on pulling person’s mind towards them, thus we keep on thinking about them deeper and deep down the thoughts.

Therefore, we should always keep in mind that everything happens for a good reason, and there is no sense thinking about the past events, when we always have a chance to shape our future life events.know the causes of depression

How to Fight Depression??

1.Try to relax your mind.

Since you have already been through ups and downs of your life, now is a time to take a deep breath by inhaling with your nose & exhaling with your mouth.

It is always important to calm down your mind from the negative thinking you been to, and think about what were you doing wrong. Because whatever failure we see, is always a direct or indirect result of our past actions.

So, try to find out the wrong actions and analyse, rather than thinking and wasting your time about the useless negative thoughts. This will not only help you to get out of the depression, but will also help to move on to grab an upcoming success.

2. Connect with nature.

Depression in most of the cases makes a person physically passive and in isolation, ignoring people’s company fearing that people would mock about his/her failure.

Isolation itself increases the level of hopelessness and depression. It is always good to take fresh air, green grass and play with your pets.

This not only gives you positive energy from the environment but the fresh air also reaches our brain and makes it more functional.

Also try to get sun’s exposure everyday, because vitamin D helps recovering from depression and its other symptoms.

3. Try to make short-term goals in your life.

Since failure happens to be the major cause for depression in most of the cases, it is important to not to focus on long-term results, rather than we should focus working on small and short-term goals and should focus upon performing them efficiently.

This will first of all reduce the mind’s load for greater responsibilities and will enable us to focus on small objectives to be accomplished.

4. Take night sleep timely.

Research says while we sleep our brain works for cleansing and indexing of memories in our mind. It works like a file defragmentor of our computer system. After which there is a less load on our mind and our mind refreshes itself resulting into a great efficient functioning.

And during depression, refreshing your mind is more important for you, so that you can think clearly and move yourself out of it.

Know the benefits of proper night sleep here in our article on 5 health benefits of proper night sleep to know how much beneficial is regular night sleep is.

Also if you face problem getting asleep every night, which may happen during depression then you can read 5 tips to sleep better.

So , now onwards start getting your bed timely for your regular night sleep, it will not only help the interlinking of your memories and will also make your mind healthy for efficient thinking, to help make better decisions in life.

5. Share your thoughts with someone you trust.

Depression takes us to isolation, and at his stage we rarely share anything with anyone.

Try to make yourself free towards someone you trust and someone whom you can tell all of your problems due to which you are upset about.

It will help you get relieve from the burden of those thoughts you were living with so long. And the moment you start talking about them, you will start getting the ways you can easily deal with them.

Moreover, meeting with your loved ones will help your mind relieve due to the secretion of love hormone oxytocin.

These 5 tips are enough to beat depression and help you move on in your life happily and smartly.

Apart from these tips, one more thing you should remember is, there is always another way and there is nothing in this world that human being can not solve. Don’t forget to share this article and comment your valuable views below. 🙂

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  1. It seems to me that your article lacks one thing – which is the reason why you feel so exhausted and bad. And why all the tips you suggest, which as far as they go are certainly good things to try – fall short. In fact there is an explanation which is both revolutionary and common sense. It is linked to our dreaming, which exhausts us. This approach is based on the Human Givens and I am a practitioner of Human Givens who has been helping people recover from their depressions for over ten years now. I would happily write a post for you which explained this. I find that for those with depression, this simple explanation, which makes so much sense to them from their own experience of depression, is the starting point for their recovery. Email me if you want to pursue this.

  2. @Andrew Richardson -Thank you so much sir for reading my article thoroughly, and regarding your query about the reasons responsible for depression, I have also written an article about what causes depression, including the common reasons responsible for it. And I do believe in helping people recovering from every health problem, and I will contact you soon if you are interested in writing an article for our viewers.

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