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Human brain is so awesome that it should be included in the one of the wonders our the world. Its working and behaviour has always been a topic of research for scientist for years. Brain is responsible for our every action including speaking, thinking, walking, etc.

how to keep your brain healthy

1. Manage stress.

Stress is the main cause behind damage to your whole body, starting right from your brain.

ways to deal stress

Stress disrupts memory by triggering the brain’s threat response, further leading to chemical changes in brain, because brain starts triggering hormones to deal with danger to the body and thus also makes you irritable.

Study also reveals that chronic stress can even shrink your brain and reduces your memory and learning capacity.

2. Keep connected to the society.

People who are relaxed and go out to meet other people have a lower risk of dementia, says study in Sweden in 2009.


Moreover when you meet with your friends and chill out it helps reducing your stress level that makes your mind relax too.

3. Protect your skull.

It is always advisable to prevent any damage to our head or skull. Because physical damage to your skull could lead to a severe damage to your brain too.

protect your skull

So if you ride on two-wheeler, then please ensure to wear a helmet, and same applies for sporting activities.

4. Reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol builds up plaque in arteries that obstructs the proper flow of blood and nutrients along with it  in the arteries.

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When these nutrients don’t reach the brain in ample amount, the efficiency of brain is reduced. Also, lack of nutrients to your brain makes it prone to other brain related disease and severe memory losses.

Start eating apples, aloe-vera juice, walnuts, etc to reduce and maintain the cholesterol level in your body.

5. Maintain blood pressure

High blood pressure is generally caused by the high cholesterol level in body and stress, in fact both of them are mutually related to each other.

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Blood Pressure is basically the pressure that our heart applies to pump the blood into the arteries to maintain the proper flow in our whole body, and when there is any obstruction in arteries caused by the plaque formation in our arteries, our heart have to pump it harder to maintain that blood flow, this results in high blood pressure (in simple terms).

And this high blood pressure when exceeds its controllable limits results in bursting of blood vessels in brain resulting in spilling of blood in skull results to sudden damage to our brain causing death in most of the cases.

A research in Harvard reveals that hypertension increases the risk of stroke by 220%. And high blood pressure damages the brain in early mid ages says recent study.

6. Morning exercise.

Morning exercises are believed to be healthy because it enables a person to get fresh air (oxygen) in the morning along with keeping the brain active by physical activity.


Exercises like running, jogging, etc are also helpful in reducing your cholesterol levels. Overall keeping your body along with your brain healthy and happy.

7. Meditation & Yoga.

Yoga and meditation are always helpful in keeping your body and soul healthy and happy.

Meditation itself can help reduce your stress, maintain blood pressure and neutralize blood sugar and thus maintaining your brain’s health, also read how to do meditation in easy steps.

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Moreover there are several yoga asanas to keep your brain sharp and efficient (to be done under the guidance of yoga instructor) like

  • Sarvangasana
  • Halasana
  • Vrikshasana
  • Shashankasana
  • Vajrasana
  • Sukhasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Paschimottanasana, etc

8. Take proper sleep.

Taking proper sleep neutralizes your blood pressure and soothes your mind and provides ample time to your body and brain to take care of itself and repair and prevent damages.

health benefits of sleep

Also read our article health benefits of proper night sleep & tips to sleep better  if you have any problem getting proper sleep.

9. Avoid smoking.

Our brain is and in fact every other organ of our body is dependant upon the health of our heart and lungs.

diets helpful to quit smoking

When we smoke, it affects the oxygen carrying capacity of our blood, and due to this inefficient supply of oxygen to the brain, our brain’s efficiency is strongly effected.

Study reveals that smoking as little as one cigarette a day for an extended period can decrease cognitive ability, and smoking more than 15 cigarettes daily inhibits critical thinking and memory by as much as 2 percent.

The reason for this drop in brain power is directly linked to the harm that smoking does to the heart. So now onwards keep your brain and heart healthy and improve your memory.

10. Avoid excess alcohol.

Drinking alcohol effects the brain and its capability to control our body. And if you drink it in excess then no doubt you will get memory slips, inefficient brain to have control over your tongue, your eyes, etc.

Moreover research says alcohol damages our brain due to its toxic effects on brain, alcohol also interferes with the absorption of vitamin B1 (thiamine), an important brain nutrient.

So if you want to live longer and want to stay healthy, then start avoiding alcohol from today only.

quit drinking excess alcohol and stay healthy

Oxygen and other nutrients that our body takes are mostly (about 20%) sent to our brain for its proper functioning.

And when these important nutrients are somehow do not reach our brain, it stops working properly and will start getting memory slips.

So keep your heart, lungs and other organs healthy to keep your brain and your life healthy.

I hope you have got your answers regarding how to keep your brain healthy and fit. Do not forget to share if found helpful, and comment below your useful and valuable suggestions below in the comment box. 🙂

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