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Ginger is world’s most versatile and widely cultivated spice mostly used in India and China where the benefits of ginger are purely utilized in their everyday life.

health benefits of ginger

It belongs to Zingiberaceae family, which is closely related to turmeric. Ginger is the underground stem of the ginger plant. It can be yellow, white or red in color, depending upon the variety. It is covered with a brownish skin that may either be thick or thin, depending upon whether the plant was harvested when it was mature or young.

Ginger has medicinal, therapeutic and culinary properties which makes it completely versatile food.

Let us see the major health benefits of ginger here

1. Ginger Helps To Fights Cancer

Over 17 studies conducted on ginger have shown similar results that ginger inhibits the growth of cancer cells in prostate and ovarian cancer. Anti inflammable, anti oxidant and anticarcinogenic properties present in ginger makes it strong medicine for fighting free radicals and growth of cancer cells in our body.

2. Anti inflammatory Properties

Ginger contains an exceptionally strong mitigating compound called gingerol, which is responsible for reducing joint and muscle pain. A study reveals ginger influences certain provocative procedures at a cell level.

Numerous other logical studies bolster the viability of ginger for its master pain relieving impact on the joints, especially in the early phases of rheumatoid joint inflammation. Numerous patients experiencing osteoarthritis have likewise reported diminished agony and enhanced versatility by devouring ginger all the time.

3. Lowers blood sugar

A study at University of Sydney, Australia, revealed that extracts from Buderim Ginger (Australian grown ginger) which is rich in gingerols – the major active component of ginger rhizome – can help increase the uptake of glucose into muscle cells without using insulin, and may therefore assist in the management of high blood sugar levels.

4. Treats chronic indigestion

Ginger soothes digestive tract and helps relieve all the common problems related to indigestion.

5. Helps reducing menstrual pain

Ginger due to its anti inflammatory and muscle soothing properties are from long time used for relieving pain

In a study where 150 women were instructed to take 1 gram of ginger powder every day, for the first 3 days of the menstrual period (14).

Ginger was seen to reduce the pain as effectively as the drug mefenamic acid.

6. Lowers cholesterol level

In a 45 day study on ginger it was seen that the ginger consumption significantly reduced the cholesterol levels in the body.

7. Relieves Arthritis and joint pains

The anti inflammatory properties present in ginger makes it versatile remedy. Ginger is known to be used for reducing pain, and along with this property it reduces the inflammation as well as reduces the osteoarthritis pain.

8. Fights Infection

Ginger has found to have anti-fungal activity against the yeast Candida albicans. It also fights intestinal worms. Studies have shown that heat deactivates the antibacterial effect, it may be best to consume ginger raw, or in tincture or capsule form.

9. Boosts Immunity

The anti oxidants and anti inflammatory properties present in ginger helps in boosting the strength of our body towards fighting the free radicals in our body which are responsible for early ageing and early death of cells. The anti inflammatory properties also helps our body to heal the wounds and infections in the body. Thus overall increases the immunity of our body.

10. Effective in treating asthma

Recent research revealed that ginger helps reducing the airway inflammation and inhibits airway contraction, leading to provide relief in getting proper respiration.

Study also reveals that adding ginger to asthma medications improves the ability of medication and provides greater relief to the patient. Doctor’s prescription is must here before taking medication with ginger.

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