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health benefits of night sleep

Human body is like a machine that works all day long on the instructions of our C.P.U called “brain“. And they both need rest (proper 8 hour night sleep) to work properly and for increasing the life of this machine called “body“.

Not only this, during night sleep our body works not only on the proper functioning and development of our body but also works on the repair of our body cells and organs. And if you are not getting proper sound sleep for any reason, then you are making yourself vulnerable to diseases and deficiencies in your body.

For a young/adult (18-65+ years) a night sleep of 7-9 hours is necessary.

5 health benefits of proper night sleep

1). Memories get wired during night sleep

A study says when a person sleeps, our brain works upon the memory enhancement through proper wiring of memories in your mind. This is the reason when you wake up after getting proper sleep, you don’t feel stress on your mind because your mind has everything at its place and it doesn’t require to overrun for any task.

2). Cleansing of Brain

According to researchers, when we take night sleep our brain cleanses our memory by separating un-indexed memories that have no ends in our mind. This is just like defragmenting of our computer hard disks after which our machine starts working better. Same applies for our body.

3). Look more young and attractive

According to a 2010 research published in the British Medical Journal.  23 people were photographed after a period of sleep deprivation and after a normal night’s sleep of 8 hours. The photos were shown to 65 people who rated each photo based on health attractiveness and tiredness. The sleep or night sleep deprived group scored lower when shown to 65 people. So sleep well to look well.

4). It helps controlling your body weight

University of Pennsylvania researchers, found that people taking lesser night sleep are prone to slow metabolism leading to improper gain of body weight. Now start taking proper sleep tonight and keep your body fit and slim.

5). Proper night sleep keeps your heart fit

Research have shown that a night of inadequate sleep in people who have existing hypertension can cause elevated blood pressure throughout the following day. This effect may begin to explain the correlation between poor sleep and cardiovascular disease and stroke. Its better to take 8 hr nap every night to keep your heart healthy.

Also read our article 5 tips to how to sleep better if you are getting problem taking proper nap. And please comment your suggestions and views below. And do not forget to share it with your friends if found beautiful.

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