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Coconut is a fruit with versatile nutrient behaviour. Coconut not only contains oil, milk and water but also contains various nutrients, minerals, mono-saturated, saturated, poly saturated fats and variety of proteins in it. Due to the variety of health benefits of coconut it can also be deemed as a Superfood. And you will get to know its proof in further reading this article.

health benefits of coconut


Contents in Young Coconut Water

Keep in mind that coconut water contains 4.7% of the total solids, 2.6% sugar, 0.55% protein, 0.74% fat and 0.46% minerals. Good nutritional composition of coconut oil can cause water functioned as media for microbial growth, such as Acetobacter xylinum.

Health benefits of coconut

  • Prevents heart diseases. Coconut is known to increase good cholesterol (HDL) and also reduces bad to good cholesterol ratio, thus reduces the risk of plaque formation due to accumulation of cholesterol in arteries.
  • Stabilizes Blood glucose level. Coconut stabilizes our blood sugar level by maintaining the flow of sugar in blood.
  • Boosting of brain functioning in Alzheimer’s patients. Alzheimer is world’s most common cause of dementia. Fatty acids present in coconut helps boosting the brain‘s functioning power. Research reveals that the fatty acids present in coconut oil can increase ketone bodies in blood, supplying energy to the brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients thus relieving its symptoms.
  • Coconut increases metabolism. Research says coconut helps increasing our metabolism rate of our body. This ultimately also leads to losing body weight.
  • Improves immune system. Coconut is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite, which overall improves our immune system to fight against diseases well.

Health benefits of coconut water:

1. Treating dengue disease by drinking it regularly and properly.
2. Rid of tiredness and fatigue due to heavy activity.
3. Treating stomach worms in the body of the child. By adding a bit of orange extract in each glass of young coconut water. We recommend that you regularly drink 3x a day.
4. Streamlining urination or otherwise reduce urinate smoothly. Because nutritious young coconut water to cleanse the urinary tract.
5. Eradication of worms in the intestinal tract. By drinking coconut water regularly 3x a day plus 1 teaspoon olive oil.
6. Adequate fluid needs for mother / woman who is pregnant.
7. As penetralisir to people who are intoxicated due to the use of certain drugs.
8. Coconut water allegedly containing anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and is the same as that contained in mother’s milk.
9. Capable keep the digestive or metabolic functions in the body.
10. As a reliever morning sickness and vomiting.
11. Allegedly breaking kidney stones. Nutritious coconut water soften the crust in the kidney.
12. Constitutes isotonic fluids to maintain body fitness.

Coconut can be used in various forms whether we talk about coconut water’s benefits or coconut oil.

Following are the health benefits of coconut oil.

Health Benefits of coconut oil

  • The Anti Poison, as well poison antidote.

  • Prevention of Influenza.

  • Overcoming urinary stone problem.

  • Relieve pain when menstruation.

  • Kremi worm eradication.

  • Relieve toothache.

  • Coping and reducing dandruff.

Being a natural medicine to many problems, you should start availing coconut’s properties in your health. And due to the unlimited number of health benefits of coconut it is also known as kalpavriksha in Hindu Mythology, meaning tree that can give solution to every problem. And probably due to this reason it is deemed as a Super food. Please do not forget to share if found informative and please comment below your valuable views.

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