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Marijuana (especially Cannabinoids in it) has always been a centre of discussion regarding whether it has any medicinal property or it’s just a herb people use for smoking and getting high.

No doubt there are several scientists and chemists around the globe researching on its medicinal properties since decades.

And several medicinal properties have already been proven by the scientists as well.

That is the prime reason behind legalising marijuana in several states of United States and in other parts of the globe.

Cannabinoids in Marijuana helps killing Cancer cells

Cannabis sativa, commonly known as marijuana has its roots in and around China and Indian Subcontinent 1000 years ago.

It travelled to the other parts of the world and reached Europe and Africa later on and now can be found in almost everywhere.

Cannabinoids marijuana

Several studies suggests:

  • Marijuana can help healing Glaucoma,
  • can help preventing Alzheimer’s,
  • can help reducing stress and
  • It can also help treating Crohn’s disease.

Moreover in the recent findings, it is find out that cannabinoids present in marijuana can kill cancer cells by cutting the nutrition and oxygen supply, without effecting the normal cells.

This video explains what exactly it is does, but the reason how it happens is still a matter of research and scientists are upto that.

( Sources:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18025276 )

Though there are several medicinal benefits of marijuana, but what makes it helpful is the quantity of herb taken, specified by the doctors on special prescription.

And we all know that marijuana’s long term effects could be harmful, since it is addictive in nature and could spoil your life forever.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are purely based on facts and studies, and in no way is promoting the use of marijuana.

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